K54 - Macnaught Power Pistol Air Operated Grease Gun

K54 - Macnaught Power Pistol Air Operated Grease Gun

The Power-Pistol gives the convenience of portability and air operation. A single handed air operated grease gun that provides a shot of grease with each press of the trigger. The Power-Pistol is capable of operating from the air brake compressor of vehicles which makes it an ideal tool for truck and bus operators.

  • Capacity 400 gms (14.5 oz)
  • Delivers 34,500kPa/5,000 PSI/345 BAR grease pressure
  • Filling options: Bulk, Cartridge or J2 Grease Pump
  • Flexible outlet with Supergrip KY Coupler
  • One handed Single shot trigger operation
  • Suitable for use with vehicle air brake compressors
  • Air pressure range 275-825kPa/40-120 PSI/3-8 BAR
  • Air compressor volume 1cfm/.026m and above
  • Delivers 0.68gm per shot
  • Filler/bleeder nipple 1/8" BSP (M)
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